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James Mwaura “the Lion From Africa is a professional cyclist. He has survived death more than 5 times. He is a specialized climber and also does much of sprints. He does road racing, track and mountain biking.
Cyclist James Mwaura Mbugua was born on June 15th 1992 in Narok County, in rift valley province of Kenya. At his younger age, he underwent lots of challenges. At age 17 James became a professional sportsman in various sports including Rugby, Swimming, cycling, boxing, kick boxing, American football, Tennis and Taekwondo. In June 2013 he directed his attention to cycling which by then was his favorite sport. In June 2014 he became a professional cyclist. He got to his 1st tour in august 2014, he performed very well that immediately after the tour he got invitations to join a cycling team. He showed lots of potential and discipline. From August to December, James had won 4 elite races. In January 2015 he got invitations to go abroad and race. He came back home in March having won 15 races. He had a total of 15 medals. Currently he is preparing to break 3 world records:
1. Riding 1000km in less than 24hr
2. Riding 10000km in less than a month
3. Riding 54km in less than an hour.

As part of his aspires, he hopes to participate in the following races;

He aspires to become the 1st black to win the world most prestigious races.


He was born on June 1992 in Narok, Rift valley Province of Kenya. James Mwaura was born with difficulties; he had a breast infection a few weeks after his birth. He was raised by his mother Jane Ripiti and Father Daniel Mbugua in the estates of Narok. He had several challenges in his toddler age such as sickness, zipping his private parts, burning more than 3 times, the breast infection, falling into a latrine, swallowing coins and so on. But he will live to be grateful, God had a purpose for his survival. James was athletic since his early age. He got his 1st bike at the age of 2. He began running at age of 4 years and took sports football, running and basketball at age of 10 years when he joined Siana primary school which is located in the 7th wonder of the world Maasai Mara. At 16 years James took music, rugby, swimming and boxing.
When he joined high school in Olkejuado he was selected to join the rugby team under captains Kevin Odhoji and Quadratus Orangi, he was also selected to join the swimming team and he was made captain.

At age 17 the worst did happen to him as he lost his Dad to assassins. At the incident he also got shot. He stayed in hospital for over 8 months. Eventually after a long battle he survived the bullet wounds. Immediately after being discharged from the hospital (15th November 2009) he was kidnapped, he was found the same night having deep knife cuts, he survived that as well. Soon after recovering from the kidnapping, he was involved in an accident along Kenya’s capital Mombasa road. Following the accident he had to be transferred from olkejuado high school to a school that was near his home so that his mother could monitor him. A decision that doctors concurred with the family. Health problems kept challenging him, but at every end of a tunnel there is light and through Gods healing he got fit and soon after he resumed school and his sporty life geared. Later after clearing high school the year 2012 he joined rugby, swimming and cycling in full swing.
After months of competitive sporting, James was advised by the mother to drop rugby and focus on music, swimming and cycling which by then where his favorite sports.
James released several singles and won a good number of swimming championships as well as races. . In the year 2013 ending, he moved to Kenya’s capital where he joined the ANU rugby team under coach Rabala. His reign in rugby didn’t last long as his mother maintained that he had to quit rugby, he also had to go back home and it was at this moment that his passion for cycling grew into a reality. On 27th of December he wakes up at 2:00am in aim of cycling to Narok a total distance of about 200km which he did in 10hrs. During his ride home he had a fatal accident along the rift valley escarpment, he fractured his arm and bruised his legs, but it seemed like an inspiration, he went on to cycle and just after 40km after the accident his bike developed mechanical problems, a good Samaritan Sir Peter Nga’ang’a helped him out and immediately after the repair he resumed his ride home. At around 4pm he arrived home. Amazing!
In 2014 he kicked it off with intensive training and a few months later he had his 1st tour which was made up of 2 stages both of 174kms. He finished top despite riding on an empty stomach, and without cycling gear.
As soon as he returned home after the completion of the tour, he started receiving calls to join pro teams and with the hunger that he had to chose to join a team situated at Spring Valley Westland. He raced with the team once and had to retire from the team due to misunderstanding that had started arising.
He returned home having made up his mind to go solo, “ A Lone Bordure” and within a short period of time his hard work, discipline and passion bore fruits. He got employed at Textile Company and was endorsed by a gym in his home town. Because of work that was now a challenge, he had to wake up at 3am, go for training up to 6am. As from 8am-5pm was work time. As from 6pm-7pm he did evening training, he got to the gym as from 7:10pm to 9pm for boxing and aerobics.
After weeks and weeks of hard training he got a surprise gift from a couple who had toured Maasai Mara and were amazed by his great speeds in climbs and the discipline he had since they had a clear record that he was training daily with no one supervising him. They gave him a pair of spike shoes which he didn’t even know how to use. The couple left him an encouragement by telling him that they hoped to see him champion in the tour de France the following year.
Later in the year he met another cycling enthusiast, Richard who just as the couples got inspired by his discipline, passion, story about his life and his cycling prowess. . He offered to train him. James did quit his job to go with Richard and attend to trainings. Richard got more inspired by James since with every single day James proved to be the king of road racing, track and mtb. He was all-rounded. it was this moment that James had his 1st personal ever best in doing 1km in 1min 13secs and 100km in 2hrs 48min. Richard got inspired and offered to take James to Rwanda for training and to attend a few races. James showcased his might by winning 3 races and being the best pacemaker. Later after a week James returned home and this time a full pro- rider.
On December 2014 he got an invitation to the USA to participate in a cyclo-cross which unfortunately he didn’t make to go due to lack of support. It was a career threat. On December that year James got a fatal accident where someone believed to have other intension attacked him from behind. He pulled out of cycling for 3 weeks.
Later in the month of December ending he got another invitation to go to Asia for a number of races. This time round it was a success and he was able to go to Asia through his family and friends support. When in abroad he won win 15 pro races. A successful career kicks off. He met with several cycling big guns. They were amazed by his prowess in cycling specifically in climbs and sprints. Everyone commented about his humbleness and discipline which earned him a lot of respect.
During his return to Kenya he had made up his mind to attempt the 1hr record, the 1000km world record and the 10000km world record which by now he was sure he’d break it. This unfortunately never happened as planned due to lack of a manager, sponsor and support. To date he has been training to break the 3 world records and as sure as the sun shall rise from the east and set on the west, he will break them and became the world new cycling sensation.
At the moment James is looking for great deals with sponsors, a manager and a team to take him to the Tour of California, Giro De Italia, Tour De France, Vuelta Espana, Tour of Austria, Tour of Oman, Tour of Korea, Tour of China, Tour of Abu Dhabi just to mention but a few. He hopes to be the 1st black to win these world most prestigious races. He has been training hard to be that champion his discipline, passion and drive wants him to be.
In mid August James did set another personal best in riding 500km in 12hrs 13min and 1km in 42seconds. This made him stand tall and believe that he truly can win all the world grand tours and also set world records. Later on in the month of September, he set his best ever record of cycling 630km in 14hrs 56min which is so far the best in the world.
Later on he met Marley Sianto Sikawa who has played a big role in mentoring him and encouraging him. Marley introduced him to Miss Kawira who sponsored him with a trek mountain bike. The 2 have played a big role in encouraging him and supporting him in chasing his dream.
James looks forward to winning grand tours and dedicated the wins to God his late Dad, Mum, Sisters, Brother, Marley sianto, Kawira, Munge’s family, Richard, Elly, Simon, Hassan and his little angles.

James best quotes
“It’s not only the details lead to great success; it’s the heart that you put into it”
“Pain is temporary, it may last for a minute, an hour a day or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place, and that is success”
“The margin for error is so small I mean one half a step to early or too late you don’t make, one half a second to slow or too fast you don’t catch, the inches we need are everywhere around us, they are in every brink of the game, every minute every second”
“You got a dream you got to protect it, you want something go get it. “
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